ACTION AIR ENVIRONNEMENT is the only company in France to have, permanently and in its own right, Gamma Ray spectrometers onboard its aircraft.

This unique capability has already led us to be, for many years, the preferred air carrier of the Institut de Recherche et de Sureté Nucléaire (IRSN) to carry out its control flights.

Below is an example of one of our aircraft, equipped with sensors that can be used for a radiological aerobatic mission. The aircraft is equipped with both 2 Gamma Ray spectrometers, as well as a detection camera, as well as a cooled thermal imager of the latest generation.

Thanks to our pilots, mainly from the Air Force and French Navy, its qualified operators, as well as its team of engineers exploiting the data collected by dedicated algorithms, the company is able to offer directly to the national or international organizations in charge of environmental monitoring a solution of analysis of the level of radiological radiation, immediately available and economical.

Our plane is boarding two gamma spectrometers. This new generation of detection and identification equipment perfectly responds to the problem of highly sensitive detection with real-time identification of the nature of the radiological risk.

The on-board system we have is designed to search for radioactive sources and map contamination following a nuclear accident.

Our aircraft thus equipped, is able to detect and to identify in real time levels of radioactive sources equivalent to variations of background noise, by detecting artificial gamma isotopes among natural isotopes.

Identification categorizes the sources encountered and the associated hazard.

The proposed standard crew is a pilot + a flight operator + a potential representative of a nuclear safety authority.