A communication plan before, during and after the overview is established with the project authorities.

The objectives of this communications plan are to:
  • Publicize the aerial thermography operation to the general public, and then prepare and communicate on the restitution of the results.
  • Organize the return of results so that it can meet the objectives of the community and communicate on the results of the operation.

  • Realization of municipal shows of restitution and valorization of aerial thermography with the population. We assist the municipality or the community of municipalities in the drafting of technical explanatory elements, articles, city publications and provide adequate visuals for the City Magazine and the results on the website.

    Specifically, we are able to propose:

  • The creation of an information visual (content to be defined in connection with the contracting authority) for use on several communication formats and media (adaptations to be provided).
  • The design and publishing of an educational exhibition (challenges of thermography, challenges of energy renovation, territory thermography, etc.). Desired roll up support, 5 to 6 easily transportable panels.
  • Our mapping consultancy has the skills in terms of physical and intellectual resources to process, analyse and retrieve data acquisitions by air: